About Us

D&M produces fitted quality hologram, lycra and velvet stretch leotards.  D&M leotards is focused on high quality leotards with customer satisfaction as a priority. We are a family based company in San Diego California.

Husband and Wife, Daniel and Melanie both were competitive gymnasts. Melanie is the Design Director and Daniel is the Operations Manager at D&M Leotards. Daniel is currently the Head competitive team Coach for both the men’s and women’s programs at NCG. Daniel is also a men’s nationally rated gymnastics judge and judges women’s gymnastics as well.  Melanie was a successful level 9 gymnast spending over 5 years competing in San Diego.  She currently judges High School gymnastics and enjoys creating, designing leotards and being a homemaker.  One thing Daniel and Melanie have in common is a passion for Gymnastics. Creating beautiful, high quality leotards was born naturally when the time came to order leotards for Daniel’s own team. Daniel and Melanie realized there was a need for long lasting, comfortable and most importantly, affordable leotards.