Our Family of Gymnasts to Yours!

Husband and Wife, Daniel and Melanie both were competitive gymnasts. They met while competing for the same gymnastics club in Elementary School. Melanie is the Design Director and Daniel is the Operations Manager at D&M Leotards. Daniel is currently the Head Competitive Team Coach for both the men’s and women’s programs at North County Gymnastics and the Gyminny Kids. Daniel is a men’s nationally rated gymnastics judge and judges women’s gymnastics. Melanie was a successful level 9 Gymnast spending over 5 years competing in San Diego. She currently judges High School gymnastics and enjoys creating, designing leotards and being a homemaker to our five children.

One thing Daniel and Melanie have in common is a passion for Gymnastics. Creating beautiful, high-quality leotards was born naturally when the time came to order leotards for Daniel’s own team. Daniel and Melanie realized there was a need for long-lasting, and most importantly, affordable leotards.